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5 Day Workshop to
Monetize Your Online Business for Coaches & Experts

with Jenay Rose

In this self-paced 5-PART WORKSHOP you'll learn how to grow your online business with a proven four-step marketing + sales methodology and receive an actionable plan!


The biggest reason someone can’t scale their business to the next level is...


But beyond that…

Majority of new entrepreneurs rely on hope... luck... trial and error... or even worse... the "copycat method" to get seen online.

❌ If you're not growing a community on social media...

❌ If you're not making the amount of money you deserve...

❌ If clients aren't knocking down your dm's to work with you...

❌ If you're not positioned as the expert through effective content...

👉You need organic social media marketing and sales ASAP 👈 

Right now is the most crucial time to get smart and strategic.

It's the difference between scaling an online business or continuing to struggle to get off the ground.

Over the last 2 years, I've been selling solely online.

After helping sell more than $400,000 dollars services and digital products for my clients in the last 12 months...

With more than 12,000+ students in my online courses, and personally supporting 200+ people to build profitable coaching businesses: 

I've developed and proven a method that works time and time again to help online businesses start and scale.

This is not your average method: it actually makes sense and can be used continuously in any pivot, new offer, or business idea.

If you're a coach, course creator, or expert wanting to grow online: this is the secret to six-figures on social media.
The truth is: I want you to take advantage of this method too because it’s THAT powerful.


You need to know how it works AND have a plan to actually implement it.


Now, I’m going to be totally upfront and honest with you (that's just my style):

I want to work with you, either in my self-paced courses, my live mentorship business accelerator, or 1:1 as a VIP.

But as we both know... Those who understand how something will work for them, will take action much more quickly.

Which is exactly why I’ve developed the…
In this pre-recorded 5-day intensive workshop, I’m going to go through the most important steps you need to start and grow your business with online marketing... WITH THE MOST DETAIL I'VE EVER GIVEN PUBLICLY OUTSIDE OF MY HIGH END $5K - $30K PROGRAMS.

What You'll Learn

By the end of this 5-part accelerator, you’ll walk away with 2 core principles: 

Marketing & Sales

Intimate understanding of the most effective social marketing method that can be used in your online business with authentic, organic sales and growth for your coaching or service business. 

Action & Strategy

An actionable plan and strategy that you’ll develop with me over the 5 days we spend together. "Knowing how" is not enough - you need a roadmap to implement!

This was developed specifically to give you an accessible platform to gain direction, clarity, and growth in your social media sales and marketing!


Because when you don’t have a system for marketing and sales in your business correctly…

  • Your business is on a scary rollercoaster month to month…
  • ​You're not growing or making sales because you're totally confused...
  • ​You struggle to have clarity on how to fix current problems…
  • ​You feel like you're doing so much work but getting very few results...
  • ​It's easy to feel like you should just give up because nothing's working...
The worst part? You know if you don't get help, 2021 will look a lot like 2020 did: and that's not a risk you're willing to take.

More than anything else, I want to help you grow your business. 

After scaling my own business to 7-figures and helping countless others get to profitability and 6-figures...
  • I know how good it feels to have the freedom and fulfillment in your business that you desire.  
  • ​And, it’s possible.
  • ​I’ve proven it…

Here are just some of the results from entrepreneurs I've worked with to start and grow...


Had her first TWO $10k months


Scaled her business from $1,000/mo to consistent $10k months 


Signed her first three clients & 4-figure month


Gained the confidence to show up as her authentic self online


Started signing clients at her highest price point ever


Thrilled with the opportunity to get to the next level in her business


Signed her first 1:1 high-ticket client


Nailed down her ideal client & shifted her business with ease


Revamped her business and stepped into her power


It's time to take action and learn from me inside this 5-part workshop course…

which right now is just $95.

This is the FIRST AND ONLY TIME you can get access to my methodology at such an affordable price point!
Here’s just some of what I’m going to be showing you…

​DAY 1


  • Learn the 5-step social media sales funnel and how to guarantee the growth of your business in 2021 by mastering the online landscape.
  • ​How to actually identify what niche you should be serving and the process to make saturation and competition irrelevant. 
  • ​3 ways to start creating content for your marketing (social media, emails, sales pages, etc) that convert people into followers and followers into buyers!
  • ​key ingredients of online influence to easily and permanently become the “go to” authority in your industry.
  • ​How to ensure that you only attract your perfect fit customers and avoid the biggest mistakes that keep business owners frustrated, broke, and unknown online. 
  • ​The process to 100x your reach and exposure online *to the perfect people* by creating viral content that will go viral over and over again.
  • ​How to create and implement the 4 P’s of messaging to ensure that you’re always attracting the right people via the right language. 
  • ​The do's and don'ts of Instagram to go from consumer to professional creator, plus learn how to utilize insights as a marketing machine to grow.
  • ​Plus... the mindset and success tools that create massive alignment and abundance inside of your business through a community full of dream clients who become customers for life. 

​DAY 2


  • Understand exactly how the current landscape determines customer attention and buying habits to ensure your offer is positioned to book-out.
  • 4-steps to structure a digital offer (whether it's coaching, mastermind, courses - live or pre-recorded) to deliver a powerful transformation for the buyers. 
  • ​How to start taking on clients (even before an offer is ready!) so that you can begin testing, proving, and refining a signature offering - what you'll be "known for".
  • ​The 5 different types of offers that should be used in your business and when to use the different types in each stage of your business based on your goals
  • ​How to strategize the right offer that you can implement it quickly without getting caught in the traps that take 10x longer than it should.
  • ​Framework to use industry insights and data to develop an offer that people actively need and are willing to pay for so you can get your clients incredible results.
  • ​The number one competitive advantage that will allow you to avoid the biggest mistake with digital offerings that stops offers from selling (no matter how good it is).
  • ​How to make your offer stand out in the crowd with the creation of a secret and invaluable mechanism that makes your offer 10x more valuable - no matter if it's your first one.
  • ​Plus, a bonus video of a live coaching session that will help you how to tactically implement what you learn here inside of your business.
In short: You’re going to know exactly how to research, structure and prove a digital offering that will be positioned to sellout as soon as it launches without getting stuck in the most common mistakes new coaches and course creators make that blocks their business from growing as fast as it should. 

​DAY 3


  • Understanding the importance of "sales as service" and exactly what happens inside the mind of your potential client during a sales process.
  • ​The 3C’s of Sales and how to use it inside of your business, while being able to talk about your offers confidently even if you've never sold anything before.
  • ​How to rewire your mindset (even if you're terrified of being "salesy" and want nothing to do with it) to make selling feels effortless and fun (yes seriously!). 
  • ​How to build in conversation and social selling throughout your business (from captions to stories and everywhere else) to become a conversion-copywriting pro.
  • ​How to build deep connection with your audience turning your followers into buyers like clockwork with minimal effort.
  • ​4-Phases of Launching a digital offer and how to master each step to ensure your offer launches successfully anytime of the year.
  • ​Plus… everything you need to know about navigating a sales conversation that will allow you to sell across social media (from DM's to sales calls) to continually grow your business on autopilot.
In short, you’re going to learn exactly how to close the sale, without it ever feeling like a sale, while creating the opportunity to have a waterfall effect of sales with your potential customers who find you daily on social media.

​DAY 4


  • How to make sure you avoid the detrimental growth mistakes at every stage and why most online businesses never reach scale.
  • ​Why the traditional funnel is broken and the best way to scale in 2021 utilizing the most effective implementation of my method both in the short and long-term.
  • ​Walkthrough of critical tools (and what you DON'T need) based on the type of business you have that will set you up for success to scale to six figures.
  • ​The strategy for taking a business from $1,000/ month in revenue to $100,000/ month in revenue and how to reach your specific goals in the next 12 months.
  • ​Why you do / don't need paid ads or a funnel, and how to use the elements of what you've just learned to create an organic network of sales and hot leads.
  • ​What scaling actually means, entails, and requires of an entrepreneur plus the mindset required to actually grow without worrying or being obsessed over growth.
  • ​The difference between revenue, profit and how to actually put money in the bank while your business is growing and avoid the top-heavy approach.
In short, I’m going to give you a behind the scenes look at how you can use social media to turn strangers into raving fans and high-paying customers, and how a course, coaching or information business can scale from 0 to six-figures in less than 12 months (without paid ads or a traditional funnel).

​DAY 5


  • Helping you understand exactly how to put all the pieces together so that no matter where you are in your business you can use everything learned to grow your business at your own pace.
  • ​Learning about the Business Cycles, what stage you are at, and how to implement the details in your Customized Business Assessment.
  • ​Walkthrough of what to do next (even if you feel overwhelmed) and how to adopt an "action taker" roadmap in your business so that you can create and scale.
  • ​The difference between working "in your business" vs. "on your business", how each effects your goals, and how to ensure your chance of success is that much higher.
  • ​Plus… some bonuses and a framework to help you have an edge up and reduce the amount of time you spend in the messy middle.
In short, I’m going to ensure that you have an actionable plan to take what you've learned, implement it, and workout proper next steps to reach your goals so much faster and easier than ever possible before. 

And… in order to support you I'm also going to be giving you...

Personalized Growth Assessment

At the end this self-paced workshop, I will tell you exactly what you should do next and what makes the most sense based on where you are right now in your business to reach your goals.

BTS Sessions with Entrepreneurs

Watch live strategy sessions with students who've used my methods, so that you understand how to apply it for yourself in your individual niche and business. 


For Online Business Owners who sell Coaching, Courses or Information...

Understand how to scale your business with one of the most proven social media marketing and sales methodologies in practice today.


And I’m making it accessible to anyone, because I believe everyone should have this…

Here's what happens inside my coaching containers...


You can't make results like this up... 


Ready? You’ve got the proof… you know you need more effective marketing and sales…

And the best part?

This works no matter if you’re at $0 or $10,000/month…

I’ve helped implement this into hundreds of online businesses with amazing success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a live workshop?

This is a self-paced, recorded version of a live workshop that was filmed in mid-November 2020, so all the content is super fresh!

Do I get lifetime access to the content?

Absolutely! But it doesn’t stop there.. You also get access to any + all updates that we make to the content. Purchase once, access to updates forever. That’s just how we roll!

What type of support do I get from Jenay herself?

This is a self-paced workshop, so outside of a FB community where we (Jenay and the team) pop up to check in, answer q’s, etc. there will not be any support from me personally.

If you are looking for live support, you can click here to apply for BOSS Mastermind (a LIVE 12 week accelerator). 


I’m Jenay Rose

After several years of entrepreneurship, I’ve had many failures and most recently scaled my business to 7-figures. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their certifications or expertise to build online coaching and course businesses - so they can do the work their passionate about and change lives in the process. I’ve built an audience of almost 100k on IG @jenay.rose and a podcast to +200k downloads "The Soulpreneur Show". I've been featured in Yahoo, Shape, Huffington Post and others which has allowed me to reach millions of entrepreneurs to help grow their businesses.

The first time we did this over 250 of you joined. Don't miss out this time!

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